My Story

My photography journey began as a teenager when I borrowed my Dad's 1970 Minolta film camera and took my first photography class.  I was taking photos of anything in my path and started seeing things in a different "light."  I spent my babysitting and grocery bagger money developing film at the local CVS. I would self-critique and go at it again.  I took what I learned in that class and hobbied my way through my college years. Photography has been a part of me since then.

My husband and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with three busy kids.  When our oldest was born in 2008 my husband bought me my first DSLR camera knowing the love I had for photography and desire to document our children's lives.  The digital world of photography, a rebirth! I walked around with a Nikon dangling from my shoulder and began learning the ins and outs of digital photography and editing.    My husband was working hard as an Engineer, while I worked in Early Childhood Education for 15 years balancing daycare, chores, and a growing family.  Social media allowed me to network with other photographers and inspirational artists, while the internet opened up many more teaching tools and access to information.   I started shooting every day and began to develop my personal style.  When our youngest was born in 2014 I resigned from working full time to be home more for the kids, and soon after started my photography business, something I envisioned for a long time.   

I am constantly shooting everywhere we go eager to learn, create, and document.   Taking photos of my kids is my passion and where it all began as I love capturing the joy of childhood through their eyes.  It keeps me practicing and constantly challenged.  I enjoy networking with other photographers and continuing to learn through workshops, training, mentoring, and buying more equipment! Follow my journey on Instagram where I love to blog, create, and "find the light" in my everyday life with our kids.  Follow me on Facebook for new client galleries and posts about upcoming events.  Thank you for visiting!

It all started with them...